Parameters of the house

Approximate price for turnkey including VAT

Low-energy houses

     5 850 000 Kč

  • Built up area 237,0 m²
  • Usable area 178,8 m²
  • Habitable rooms 4+kk

The house could be also done in a low-energy and a passive standard and in a system of a wood-building. On your request, we prepare a price offer for you.

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Telefon: +420 601 374 959

E-mail: info@moderndream.cz

A detailed description

A modern single-storey house (a bungalow), in a size of a housing unit 4 + kk, with a garage is appropriate for any family of 4-5 members. The house is of a larger size category what corresponds with a superior layout and spatial equipment. An entrance area is slightly embedded into the building and thus perfectly roofed. The embedding is performed by using the columns what greatly increases an elegance of an entrance area.

A main entrance is situated on a north into an entry foyer area. From the entry foyer area, there is an entrance to a room for cleaning; there is a washing machine and a rack for possible use as a drying area. The next door is to a spacious corridor. The corridor separates a private and a social part of the house. It is lighted by a roof skylight that livens up it and makes its nature more pleasant. There is designed a sufficient amount of a storage space. The private part is oriented to an east what sweetens the morning´s waking up. There are designed two children's rooms, a bedroom and in middle, there is a spacious bathroom with a toilet. The children's rooms are perfectly lighted by the corner windows. The social part is placed in the middle of a layout. There is a living room, a pantry and a guest toilet supplemented with a shower. The living room has a kitchenette and a dining area. The kitchen is in a northern part and is connected with the pantry by a sliding door. The kitchenette is in two-pieced with an island in a space and is very spacious. The dining area connects to the kitchen area; the dining area is separated from the living area by a short partition which optically divides a large space. At the same time the partition can be used as a decorative element and also for hanging a television. From the dining area, there is very practical access to the garages that are west. The living area of the living room is connected with nature by the glazed sliding walls. The terrace is accessible from the living room and is fully roofed and thus perfectly usable even in bad weather. The modern design of the living room is sweetened by a fireplace. In a western part of the house, there is a modern lighting double garage and a workroom or a storeroom of the tools. These rooms are interconnected.

Floor plan and views

The project contains placing of the house in a parcel of a land, connection to an engineering site, a card of an energy difficulty of the house, fire administration and distribution of the ​our specialist.

It is possible to pursue the changes in the project documentation.

Adjust and supply all ground plans in English. A description of the rooms and information of the measurements.



Standards and prices

 Washbasin set

 3760,- Kč 

Mixer with drain plug 900,- Kč
Installation standing taps  500,- Kč
Sink width 60 cm incl. accessories (angle valves, plastic siphon)  1600,- Kč
Installation and connection of the sink, incl. accessories, silicone  760,- Kč


 Washbasin set

 3610,- Kč 

Sink width 40 cm incl. accessories (angle valves, plastic siphon) 1450,- Kč
Installation and connection of the sink, incl. accessories, silicone 760,- Kč

 Wall-hung toilet set

 10600,- Kč 

Wall-mounted toilet incl. accessories (suspension seat with plastic hinges) 2300,- Kč
Installation wall hung toilet and buttons 800,- Kč
Geberit flushing system for WC 6700,- Kč
Installation and connection of the flushing system Geberit 800,- Kč

 Hanging bidet set

5550,- Kč 

Bidet incl. accessories (angle valves, plastic siphon) 3400,- Kč
Installing a bidet 800,- Kč
faucet 850,- Kč
Installation standing taps 500,- Kč

 Standing WC set

4050,- Kč 

Standing WC incl. accessories (suspension seat with plastic hinges) 3300,- Kč
Installation and connection of WC kombi 750,- Kč

 Rectangular bath set

12200,- Kč 

Bath mixer wall (no shower set) 1600,- Kč
Installation wall faucet 600,- Kč
Bath acrylic 150-170x70cm incl. accessories (bath feet, angle valves, plastic siphon) 7100,- Kč
Installation and connection bath incl. accessories, silicone 2900,- Kč
3442-1009092905 3451-1009129733

 Rectangular bath set

13300,- Kč 

Bath acrylic corner 150x100cm incl. accessories (bath feet, angle valves, plastic siphon) 8200,- Kč

 Shower corner in total

19800,- Kč 

Wall shower faucet + mounted shower set 1900,- Kč
Installation wall shower faucet and mounted shower set 700,- Kč
Shower sliding, acrylic quadrant shower tray, incl. accessories (siphon, stainless steel grating) 13100,- Kč
Installation and connection of the shower enclosure, incl. accessories and silicone 4100,- Kč
3445-1009106483 3443-1009095056

 laminate flooring

from 350,- Kč/m2 

 Tiles and paving

from 250,- Kč/m2 

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